A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety.

I'm just trying to stop you from making a big mistake.

The suspect had to lay all his personal effects on the table.

How can you be so indifferent to your wife's trouble?

Running is good for your health.

You must avoid making those kinds of mistakes.

Cathryn did an excellent job.

She calculated that she had earned 1,500 dollars.

Gunter was more than willing to cooperate with the police.

She isn't at home now.

On falling down, she burst into tears.

The apples are delicious.

Helen is completely deaf in his right ear.

Look at the meter.

Good evening, Sir.

I've decided not to go.

Rodger asked Willie if she was OK.

One should keep one's promise.

The actress fell backwards from the stage.

They locked the apartment.

Why did you and Alejandro break up?

No one spoke up in his defense.

Would you like to join me for some milk and cookies?

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They are having a really good time.

Don't go in there, Laurel.

Who are you to tell us we can't go?

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She said that she would visit Jack with her sisters.

She was able to cook herself dinner, after a fashion.

There's nothing out there.


How was the concert?

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I found a dog just inside the gate.


You will have dinner, won't you?

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Hotta cut the tape.

Yes, I think it's okay.

Johnny invited Matthieu to his birthday party.

What do I get in exchange?

My mailing address is 920 Broadway.

How many people have you had sex with in the last year?

Farouk goes to bed after midnight.

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Hey, I'm only kidding.

We're friends since Monday.

I don't know where it went.


Tait told Scot about his family.

I really can't thank you enough that you're doing this for me.

I'm going to have to tell Roxie.

Would you like me to switch on the light?

Would you mind telling me what happened?

I have to do my best.

I am hoping against hope.


Dory was half expecting this.

You're scared of being hurt, aren't you?

I could not study at home.


Introducing foreign plants, such as palm trees can damage ecosystems.

Would you like me to stay a little bit longer?

I'll see to it first thing tomorrow.

We found to our joy that all the crew were alive.

I held the party at my own expense.


Lawrence is a goner.

Sassan is in Boston now.

He came to the airport to meet Mr West.

I want to go to Boston someday.

Nothing seemed to be working.

You have got to be kidding me.

He was sitting between Conrad and Herbert.

If you have some troubles, I recommend you confer with him.

Your dad is really cool.

Those were the saddest hours of my life.

Rodney, I'm doing this for you.

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I'd like a taxi now.

Clark is barely alive.

Did you know that foxes live on this mountain?

Who do you think they are?

What should Maureen have done?

I do what everybody else does.

We've only got one option.

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Please give me the exact address.

Margaret made me carry his suitcase.

Sofia needs a reason.

How much more does it cost to return the rental car to another location?

If I had money, I'd buy a computer.

I disagree, it's not racist to use the word "race."

The box is leaning to one side.

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I am afraid that you will get lost.

Can I talk you for a second?

Peter isn't anything like his father.

I intend to decline his offer to help me.

He succeeded in waking Harry up.


He was educated by his grandfather.


You should put on some clothes.

You've got my goggles.

I know I'm rambling.

We knew we didn't do anything wrong.

My brother seems to enjoy himself at college.

That's exactly what we want.

Kory was dismissed from his job.

Don't let Spy hit you.

Nobody likes impolite salesmen.

If you ever touch me again, I'll kill you.

I know what to ignore.

My mother speaks French better than my father speaks English, so they usually speak to each other in French.

Kirsten lives 10 miles from the Canadian border.


Sanjay was crazy, you know.

I bought a camera, but I lost it the next day.

Hirofumi and Po have gone to Australia.

Penny passed away last year.

Contemplating the reason for existence means contemplating non-existing things.


An obsession with novelty is causing wine drinkers to reject some of the finest traditional grape varieties in their search for exclusivity in the form of little known and rare wines.


He ran as fast as any boy in the team.

What a pity it is!

Are you sure about this, Jianyun?

After three hours in the casino, he's $2,000 in the hole.

She's sleeping.

I'm glad you're letting me do this.

He was caught stealing rations at the kitchen.


Maybe we can talk.

The door opened of itself.

Do fish sleep?

Hey, mister! Eat my cat, please!

I often eat chicken.

Starbuck died Monday afternoon.

I really wish you wouldn't do that.

They like the extreme cold of Alaska.

The prison perimeter is denoted by a large fence.

Thomas arrived at Chris's house about 8 pm.

Her father is Japanese.


What are you going to do for Craig?


You must've hated Kaj for what he did.

I've seen you somewhere.

I don't know why.

Why aren't you going after them?

I think you need to be more aggressive.

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They understood that.

He can understand everything I am saying.

I know that it sounds crazy, but you've got to believe me.

Bush won all the wars he fought.

We'll think of another way.

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The question before us is an urgent one.

Who else is going to be at the party?

You're the best man for the job.

I'm going to go tomorrow no matter what.

It's not a matter of price.


Arlene couldn't stay silent any longer.

We are no longer living in the stone age.

Teresa should be sued.

What's bugging Vick?

It's simple, you know.

I don't know how you can eat that.

Tell them we're here.


Socrates said, "Those who want fewest things are nearest to the gods."


Tor was adopted.

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The plant sends out a spike on which the flowers grow.

Turkeer was the star of the show.

They stole my lover and all the colors of happiness.

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What did I do?

There's no way we can get this done by next Monday.

You have hidden talents.

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He knows I don't like face to face meetings.

OK, I get the idea.

Summer is the season when women look most beautiful.

I'm sure it's all a mistake.

You don't have to convince me.

Think about what you did.

You've looked better.


I can't save you this time.

Bill is en route to New York.

Native speakers usually tell those who learn their language that it is very hard, even though they actually have no way of knowing if it is difficult or easy, as a result of the fact that it comes naturally to them.


Jakob is angry with you.